“Trichology Ireland (Anita) has been successfully dealing with Hair loss concerns of both men and women for many years. Her private salon is known for its safe advise and best personal care services is equipped with state-of-the-art-facilities like her newly refurbished luxurious private salon, early hair loss treatment therapy room. A One-to-one consultation in absolute privacy certified in the most up-to-date treatments and lots more”.

“Excellent, service was calm, professional and welcoming. I was late and had phoned ahead to make Anita aware, this was acknowledged in a straightforward way without making me feel uncomfortable. I was offered a coffee on arrival and then several times during the appointment. Anita took significant time in understanding what my particular hair problem was and as a result, I have had the most successful outcome with her fantastic therapies/treatments.


Stylish and sophisticated private consultation room with a Godsend for a Trichologist ‘Anita’.

Anita has a wonderful knap for combining her senior level expertise with a great ear to understand what the customer wants.”


“This is great value for money and very Happy with my successful hair loss treatment. A very relaxing experience with magazines, chats and a cuppa!


“I was very impressed. Seen to quickly by the very kind and knowledgeable Anita who took time to give thorough consultation and advise with great results.”


“I just want to praise my hair treatment consultant Anita for not only listening intently, being so helpful and nice, saving my hair from serious hair-loss, but also working so diligently until the hair problem was finally solved.

Her clinic has this immense warmth and positive energy to it. She’s great well done and a very big Thank you.”



“Dear Anita Thank you for accommodating me, I really appreciate all of your kindness and especially for successfully treating my itchy scalp and hair loss”



“I have always suffered with dry flaky scalp thanks to Anita and her advice I am now able to go to work in dark suits as my scalp is clear no more white specks on my shoulders”



“I no longer have to wear my hair piece as my hair has grown back this is down to the advice Anita has given, I no longer have to worry about windy days. Thank you” Anne