Anita Kirby L.T.T.S Trichology Ireland

hair and scalp specialist Anita Kirby L.T.T.S.

As the first fully qualified Irish LTTS member of The Trichological Society of London I strive to provide a service based on honesty and accuracy

Welcome to Trichology Ireland. We are a strictly private consultation clinic providing services in the areas of hair loss, hair and scalp disorders.

Our Head Trichologist Anita Kirby L.T.T.S works diligently and primarily within our company and brings with her over forty years experience in the industry.
Anita is affiliated to the Trichological Society of London where she carried out her studies of Pure Trichology to become the first fully qualified L.T.T.S Trichologist in the area of pure trichology in Ireland. Under the guidance of the industries well renowned Professor Barry J Stevens BSc FTTS FBIH DIPHOM (PRACT) ,  with whom Anita still maintains contact with as both a mentor and friend, Anita has worked tirelessly to instil integrity and honesty as her foundation attributes within what can at times be a very sensitive industry.

Our Clinic is located in Doughcloyne Wilton in Cork, consultations are strictly one to one and all information is held in the strictest confidentiality. For full details on our services please refer to Services Available in the main menu located at the top of this page.

What is trichology?

Trichology is the branch of dermatology that’s deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp therefore an L.T.T.S Trichologist is an expert in hair and scalp problems and disorders, a person with veracity and extensive knowledge gained from intensive study resulting in a qualification from one of the most respected academic entities The Trichological Society of London.

An L.T.T.S Trichologist has the ability to reach a diagnosis following extensive collection of information and symptoms through consultation resulting in accurate and effective treatment of many of the currently existing forty plus hair and scalp conditions/diseases.

While Trichology Ireland strive to sufficient information the information on this site is not provided for the purpose of self-analysis or diagnosis and therefore Trichology Ireland is not liable for the miscomprehension of printed materials.


Trichology Ireland (Anita) has been successfully dealing with Hair loss concerns of both men and women for many years. Her private salon is known for its safe advise and best personal care services is equipped with state-of-the-art-facilities like her newly refurbished luxurious private salon, early hair loss treatment therapy room. A One-to-one consultation in absolute privacy certified in the most up-to-date treatments and lots more”. Claire